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I like to apply my experience in robotics toward unique applications. I have experience in --
  • State estimation and sensor fusion using Kalman filters, including EKFs and UKFs.
  • Computer vision algorithms using OpenCV and Matlab.
  • Embedded systems and Yocto Linux.
  • System integration and debugging using Robot Operating System (ROS) and similar distributed computing systems.
  • Motion capture systems.
  • Bazel
  • Algorithm development and simulations using Matlab and Python.
  • PID controllers and controller tuning experience.
  • Data visualization using Python and Houdini.
  • Dev-ops technologies including Mesos, Marathon, Docker, AWS, and Ansible.
  • Windows and Linux systems administration.
  • Prototyping using 3d printers.
  • Open Source Projects

    Bazel Examples

    A repository showing examples of how I use bazel including CROSSTOOL setups, resin integrations, and more!


    PUBG Automontage

    An automated montage maker for pubg shadowplay clips.


    School Projects

    Senior Project - SLAM Robot

    Implemented a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm on an autonomous robotics platform. The robot is able to autonomously navigate around a room without prior knowledge of the environment using an Extended Kalman Filter to fuse wheel encoder odometry and monocular visual odometry data.

    6-DOF Manipulator

    Developed software for controlling a 6 degree of freedom robotic manipulator. Created debugging GUI in PYQT4 to expedite calibration and algorithm development. Inverse kinematics were performed numerically by using Monte Carlo simulations.

    Stereoscopic Object Tracking

    Object detection with real world position and velocity estimation using stereoscopic camera correspondence.

    Servo Motor

    Custom servo built using PID position control of a brushed DC motor, gear reduction, and an IMU as a feedback sensor. Reconfigured system using ROS to use a webcam as a feedback sensor to track objects and keep them in frame.


    Camera Gimbal

    Implemented a two axis gimbal system in order to maintain a constant attitude of a camera through the control of two servo motors. I2C used to interface a digital gyroscope and accelerometer, sensor fusion performed using a digital filter.



    May 2017 - Robotics Engineer @ area17
    May 2015 - May 2017 Robotics Engineer @ PreNav
    2008 - 2015 Systems Administrator @ City of Roseville